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Welcome to Shri H.M.V. Arts & Commerce College - Una

Our institute, Shri HMV Arts & Commerce College, Una is run by Shri Gupta Prayag Education Trust, Mumbai. The institute was established through social philanthropy initiated by Shri Gupta Prayag Education Trust. The institute is located in the backward region, Una. The institute was born two and a half decade back mainly because of efforts by some local leaders and some other leaders who hailed from this region but had successfully settled elsewhere and were eager to contribute to the socio/educational as well as economical development of the region through social philanthropy. The pioneers of the institute had envisioned a dream for the local under privileged youngsters, especially girl students and were desirous of bringing them in the main stream through higher education.

After continuous sustenance of over two and a half decade despite adversities, now our institute foresees an opportunity for the local youngsters as a new vista opening up for which we have unqualified support from the pioneers.

Shree H.M.V. Arts & Commerce College–Delwada-Una thoroughly recognizes its accountability in nurturing the core values of Higher Education in the rural area of biggest Una Taluka of Junagadh District. In the entire area of about 40 km this is the first coeducation and affiliated U/S 2(f) & 12(b). from U.G.C. providing higher education to the rural young generation.