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Vision and Mission


To inspire young generation of this backward area to understand global change in proper perspective, through higher education with Coeducation method and to develop healthy psychic trends and to further ensure that youths create a new transparent Society with self confidence and faith in their abilities


  • To provide & encourage value base higher education to all irrespective of religion, Caste and creed.

  • To spread & promote educational opportunity in this remote, backward and rural area, in particular for girls.

  • To contribute all round development of all section of the society, specially deprived section of the society.

  • To spread knowledge through modern library, reading room & providing global ICT facilities.

  • To provide all types of facilities to needy students so that they can pursue their further study.

  • To inspire the academic environment for the promotion of the quality of teaching, learning & research.

  • To ensure ‘faculty improvement’ so that quality education is imparted to the students & society.

  • To collaborate with other stakeholders of higher education for enhancement of student’s progress.

  • To enable students of our region to become professional entrepreneurs.

Our Vision and Mission is shared with our students and faculty members through various means and mediums including the notice board and furnishing information during personal interaction with students and their parents, organizing lectures and talks with eminent personalities from various walks of life at all level, i.e. from faculty level to the management level.

As mentioned earlier, our institute has been organizing and encouraging the students and the staff to carry out curricular, co-curricular and extension activities enabling the younger generation in becoming familiar with the new age technologies and becoming aware to the intellectually, socially and morally power s/he wields as a citizen of India.